Studio Headshots



  • Approx 1-2 hours in studio
  • 5 fully-retouched & edited images
  • Full selection of proofs (contact sheet)
  • Colour & B&W edits
  • Outfit changes
  • Any style of studio lighting to suit your wishes
  • Web-friendly files for Spotlight, web-use etc
  • Edits prepared & cropped to 8x10 industry standards
  • Files delivered by Dropbox for quick turnaround
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  • Additional retouched & edited images - £15/image
  • USB key / CD of proofs & final edits - £10 / £5 respectively
  • Prints of edited images - price upon request
  • Hair / Make-up Artists - available upon request
  • Location shooting in addition to studio shots - please enquire


What should I wear or bring with me?
Whatever you feel the most comfortable in. Be wary of complicated patterns and loud colours. Do think about necklines and what shades complement your colouring. If you’re really unsure, you can’t go wrong with a plain light or dark top.
What should I do with my hair & make-up?
Just whatever you would normally wear. Hairstyles that obscure a significant portion of your face will potentially not be so suitable for casting agents. It's fine to bring styling products with you and try out several looks on the day, which gives a broader selection of shots to choose from later. If you’re thinking of having your hair cut or styled, I would recommend leaving a week for the new style to settle before coming for headshots.
I’m nervous in front of the camera, what will it be like?
That’s absolutely ok, it’s my job to work with you to get the best photos we can, whilst giving as much or as little direction as is needed. Many of my clients have come to me saying they hate having their photo taken, but have found that it wasn’t a difficult or trying experience at all. The crucial thing is that you feel at your ease, so if you’d like, feel free to bring along a friend or partner.
Can I bring images that I like to show you?
You certainly can! It’s great when a client has an idea of what they’d like and I can work to establish the same style or mood in their photos, just like bespoke tailoring.
Can I bring someone along with me?
Yes you can, though please do let me know in advance so I can boil a larger kettle for tea.
How long does a session take?
Usually between 1-2 hours, it depends. I don’t have a strict time-limit on my sessions. I try to never schedule headshot clients back-to-back, so that there isn’t a time pressure, and we have the space to explore whatever will work best for you individually.
Can I see the photos as we go along?
Yes, I always like to review the photos with the client as we progress though a session. Initially, I’ll show you a few images straight off the back of the camera and I also feel it's good to have one or two breaks during the session so we can both have a breather and review the images on the large screen.
How quickly can you turn around the photos?
I send out proofs the very same day as the session, so you’ll be able to review all of the images by the time you get home. Once you’ve made your selections, you can usually expect your fully retouched and finished edits within 48 hours. If you particularly need just one photo urgently, I can probably help, just let me know.
When do I pay you?
I collect payment right at the end of the process, so once you’ve received your final edits, provided you're happy with the results, that’s when I’ll submit my invoice.
What about retouching / airbrushing?
As a rule, while ‘anything is possible’ with the digital tools I have at my disposal, it’s best for headshots to be as representative as possible. When you walk into a casting it wouldn’t be good if you weren’t recognised from your photo. I can, and will, enhance certain aspects of a portrait to bring out natural features and I will happily remove pimples, patchy skin or bags under the eyes - those things that might have been better on a different day. Mostly I try to do most of the beautifying ‘in real life’ by using good lighting and camera technique.


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Please use the contact form to discuss upcoming projects or engage my services. It forwards straight to my email so I’ll usually see messages and be able to reply within an hour or two. It’s perhaps better than calling as sometimes I’m shooting and sadly can’t pick up the phone. I look forward to hearing from you!

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